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Photo: Andy Barker

‘Emma Fenney, terrific as an exuberant, exciting, mischievous Puck, is sitting happily half-way up a tree enjoying a picnic while also enjoying the chaos she has caused below.’

A Midsummer Night's Dream - British Theatre Guide

‘Emma Fenney is as engaging as servant Speed as she was as Puck.’

The Two Gentlemen of Verona - British Theatre Guide


'Nelly Dean.... provides the human bridge between different narrative times and strands, conveying the extreme passions of those she cares for. She is both a narrator and a player, as essential to the story as Cathy, or Emily Brontë herself. Emma Fenney is fantastic in this role – sympathetic, busy-bodying and far-sighted.' 

Wuthering Heights - East End Review

'Emma Fenney...despite being a young actress...embodies the physicality and voice of old Nelly to the point where you forget her true age. She gives a spellbinding performance and never falters, despite the amount of time she spends onstage. Furthermore, you cannot take your eyes off her, even when she is in the background.' 

Wuthering Heights - What's Peen Seen?

'Emma Fenney is exceptional as the caring and down-to-earth housekeeper Nelly Dean.' 

Wuthering Heights - UK Theatre Network

'It makes for a hefty role for an actress to get her teeth into but it’s a challenge that Emma Fenney rises to. Impeccable manners and poise only occasionally drop to give a hint at the inner turmoil in a performance that acts as glue to the rest of the production.'

Sense and Sensibility - The Public Reviews

'Emma Fenney is a near-perfect Elinor – sensible and intelligent, charming yet reserved.' 

Sense and Sensibility - London Theatre Guide

'Emma Fenney’s portrayal of the long suffering older sister Elinor Dashwood is elegant, and she manages to convey both romantic frustration and maturity. The moment when she breaks down to confess her love for Edward is genuinely touching and she draws out the audience’s sympathy.' 

Sense and Sensibility - Whatsonstage

'A mention should be made of Emma Fenney, who shows off a broad range of acting styles in her portrayals of the excitable Adele, the uncomplaining Helen Burns and the dutiful Mary Rivers.' 

Jane Eyre - Extra! Extra!

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